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Picturing God

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Jill Peláez Baumgaertner in The Christian Century

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Recommended by Resource Center for Churches, which “gathers the recommendations of our users to share outstanding web, video, print, and other resources for faith formation and all areas of church life.”

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Cole Hartin for The Living Church–not posted online, but reproduced here because of all the lovely reviews Picturing God has received, this one comes closest to what was in my heart as I created the book:

“A provoking visual exploration of divine love . . . This book is a sacramental and mystical contemplation on the nature of God. Goring uses photographs of household objects like string and beads to illustrate her probing prose. In the vein of Julian of Norwich, whom she quotes, Goring depicts scenes of prayer and shepherding to visualize the love and faithfulness of God. Adults will find this book compelling and children will find the images and the various elements used to make them fascinating. Parents looking for a book to complement and expand on images found in biblical stories will find this a welcome and beautiful resource.”

Picturing God has inspired a creative project of learning & active meditation for fourth-graders at Kenilworth Union Church, Kenilworth, IL!

Lianna Cornally, director of kids’ ministries at Sanctuary Community Church in Coralville, Iowa, videotaped herself reading Picturing God in a pen full of 8-day-old baby goats! Goats, God & Gratitude


Adriana’s Angels / Los ángeles de Adriana

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Chicago Public Radio’s “Worldview” interview about Adriana’s Angels & my trip with sibs to southern Colombia, where we grew up

Chicago Tribune article by Darcel Rocket

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Caras lindas de Colombia / Beautiful Faces of Colombia

Chicago Public Radio’s “Worldview” interview of coauthor/photographer Michael Bracey & me


Soap Is Political

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“Under,” a poem from the book


What Saves Us: Poems of Empathy and Outrage in the Age of Trump

edited by Martín Espada

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This review doesn’t mention my own contribution, but I include it because this anthology is stunning, powerful.