Illustrations and projects

I’m principally an author-illustrator, though I do occasionally accept art commissions of various sorts. An illustrated book for adults is also in process!

Picturing God

Published in 2019 to warm reviews. These samples include enlarged text for promo purposes.

Other art projects

The little canvas that started it all

Tree of Rest

2017, created with several other artists, mosaic with tiles, many other objects, and fabric

Aleppo Is My Breath Prayer

Three young community members, Cacarica community, Colombia, 2003
Boy, Cacarica community, Colombia, 2003
Girl, Cacarica community, Colombia, 2003
Woman, Cacarica community, Colombia, 2003
Cacarica portraits, 2003, in exhibit at Uri-Eichen Gallery, Chicago, 2015
Nieta Jones 2015


Psalm 23
Psalm 146
Psalm 91
Psalm 121
Psalm 104
Psalm 139
Psalm 148

Psalm illustrations

Commissioned for MennoMedia’s 2023 children’s Bible story book, as yet untitled; photographs of these pieces by Michael Bracey

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